In this tutorial you will learn how to build a full-featured, professional desktop application using the Tentackle framework. For a realistic impression of Tentackle's power and how it can boost your productivity, the tutorial describes the development process of an invoicing application, that covers the typical requirements of real-life projects, such as: This tutorial is not of the typical CRUD- or "Hello World"-kind. It is meant for developers seriously evaluating alternative frameworks for their own projects. For each step there is a download bundle containing a snapshot of the project, so you don't need to do all the work manually.

The Requirements

In order to keep the tutorial as compact as possible, we will not go into too much detail regarding the design phase, i.e. use cases, class diagrams and so on. The model is not too complicated and we assume that you basically know what comprises a simple invoicing application.
Nevertheless, we have to describe at least in a few words what the application should do: In a first step the user will authenticate against the database backend, a.k.a. 2-tier model. Later we will change to a 3-tier model and authenticate against a middle tier server. Furthermore, the first prototype misses some important features like security rules, user identities, roles and so on. We will get that later in this tutorial.

The Data Model

To implement the requirements, we need at least the following entities and attributes: We should also keep in mind, that this is a multiuser application!

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